Alpina - Dej d.o.o.

Dairy "Alpina-Dej" d.o.o. - Probistip



"Alpina-Dej"  has circled its long years of experience in traditional production of yellow cheese (kaskaval) ,white brained cheese and whey cheese (ricotta cheese) from sheep milk, with the building of a contemporary business premises certified by the ISO 22000 standard. The dairy is located in an area surrounded by numerous pastures, spread on the south parts of the Osogovo Mountains, which offers solid opportunities for timely and safe quality sheep milk purchases.


The taste of the cheeses produced in Alpina-Dej contains the centuries of experience and traditional skills of the old craftsmen, which has jealously kept the secrets of their creation. "Alpina-Dej" and "Metro" a.d. Skopje make sure that the products are available in all the contemporary markets and renowned restaurants in Macedonia.